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Introducing Freedom Block

Freedom Block is a delicious cooked molasses formula full of high quality digestible nutrients that have been molded into an appetizing, filler-free block lick. The molasses base protects the supplements and masks their unappealing taste, while the hard lick texture prevents the block from being eaten. Because horses love the sweet taste, they return again and again to enjoy Freedom Block while at the same time self-administering a complete blend of essential nutrients that are often deficient in the modern equine diet.

 I currently have a quantity of 25 40 pound tubs available.  The selling price is $20 for 10# container, $45 for the 40# tub and $110 for the 125# tub.

 If anyone is interested in purchasing the Freedom Block they can call me at (951) 454-1935.  I will deliver within the immediate area.

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