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May/June 2002 Newsletter!

Show Results

Our first point show of the year was held on Mothers‘ Day.  We had a total of 17 horses, with 81 class entries.  Profit from the show is estimated at $66.

Judge Spring Etchison chose KT Skip A Clu (owned by the Deckers) as her Grand Champion.  Reserve Champion was Beyond Gold (Andy Edwards)  We had lots of fun with the “Mothers to Ride” class, even if there were only 2 entered!  No one qualified for the 15 & Under High Point, but the 16 & Over was won by new member Gini Thompson.  Congratulations!  Maggie Heyn & Debbie Reynoso were right on her heels, though.

A big hug to Ring Stewardess/Gate Person/Awards Person Lori Arensmeyer!

I want you all to give her an “attaboy” next time you see her.  She works very hard for you all.

Meeting Info

Our meetings are at the Norco Sizzler on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  7PM – 9PM

Join us if you can...

See You There!

 New Faces

Welcome to new members Dennis Chadwick, Freddie & Heidi Bedford, and Susan Zurawik - all from Norco.    It’s great to have so many new members.  I hope all of you guys that have been around awhile will go out of your way to make them feel welcome. 

Also we’d like to welcome back renewing members Tresha (formerly Bell) & Jeremy Sackett , Rich & LeAnne Decker, and Lori Arensmeyer.

One of our goals is to generate interest in the club…..we need your help to succeed.

 10 Easy Ways To Kill Your Club

1.  Don’t Attend the Meetings!

2.  If you do go to meetings, get there late!

3.  Always find fault with the officers & other members!

4.  Change everything!

5.  Never accept an office or committee appointment!

6.  Disagree with everyone.

7.  Ignore communications from your association.

8.  Don’t bother about getting new members!

9.  Delay paying your dues as long as possible

10. Gripe…..Gripe…..Gripe!

It’s been awhile since I’ve run this in the newsletter.  Thought it was time to do it again….jr

Happy Fathers’ Day


Stallion Service Sale

Haven’t picked out that special stud yet?  Contact Jauni – there are a few left who haven’t “sold”.

Those stallions still available are:

Majorities Successor

Skips Quillo

Tender Pal

Tabulate Your Assets

Don't Skip Skip

CJ IceFyre

Those whose breedings have sold are:

Dash To Review, Array Out West, Jet Storm, Kenos River Dance, Rockin Yar Heart, & Ima Tonka Toy.

June 9th Show:

Your second point show will be Sunday, June 9th.  Your judge will be Mr. John Love.  Let’s all get out there and show!

And of course, as usual we need some help!  At least one person for gate/awards, and one in the entry booth to post in the AM.

Please let me know if you can help us out.

This will be our last show before our PHBA show in September.


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